About pinkdogdem

Dear Voracious Reader,

Fictionalkevin has kindly reminded me that I am supposed to write something here.  Bloggers are supposed to enjoy writing about themselves, but I have been avoiding this, hoping no one would notice.  You see, I’m not quite sure what this blog is about.

It seems to me that successful bloggers choose a topic and stick to it.  Do I care if I am a successful blogger?  My obsessive checking of stats tends to imply I do.  So I thought I’d write about what I feel like writing about and see what sticks.  It will mostly be progressive feminist southern stuff.  Is that vague enough for you? Maybe I will write what you tell me you want to read about.

I am originally from that oddity of a state, Florida, which is both North and South at the same time. It’s the only place you can get both slow-cooked grits and a decent bagel. I knew I wasn’t exactly a belle, or worse-a deb, but my move to the Deep South about 8 years ago has been shocking.  Being single after 40 is also shocking.  Good News: Plenty of material!

I live in a comfortable apartment with my cat, Mr. Fluffernutter, and my two sons, one of whom is also my editor.  I strongly suggest raising your own grammar nazi.  It’s useful. If you see a typo it is because I got impatient that he was busy being a teenager and published before he could look at it.  I have promised him 10% of all future profits.

Come to think of it, free proofreading may have been why my mother, a successful novelist, and my father, an academic, had children in the first place.  Some kids had to wash dishes or mow the lawn.  I had to edit.

I juggle a couple of non-profit jobs and I have at least four novels in my head.    This blog was a birthday gift to myself, and you, dear readers, are an unexpected delight.



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