Grab is the Four Letter Word

I suppose it is not really shocking that there are going to be some people who stand by their man, in this case Donald Trump, no matter what.  Which isn’t to say that pussygate hasn’t sent a few decent Republicans running for the hills.  Finally. Really, McCain?  You could have jumped ship long before now.  Still, it’s interesting if not downright entertaining to witness just how someone goes about defending video evidence of Trump claiming to grab women by the privates without their consent.

The first tactic, that it was just locker room talk, is pretty weak, and puts the defenders in an awkward position.  Either all men talk like this, in which case all men are horrible, or only Trump talks like this which makes him horrible all by himself. You tell me which scenario plays out better for the GOP. Awkward.

It’s ludicrous, but it’s a thin veil for a disturbing truth.  A good number of people out there really seem to think that the choice of language is what’s at issue here.  That it’s the word, “pussy,” which is offensive.  What’s more relatable, after all, than saying something you wish you hadn’t said in language more colorful than you’d want your grandmother to hear?  We’ve all done it, at one time or another.  For me, this usually involves me dropping something heavy on my foot in front of my children.  Surprisingly enough, they seem to be pretty well versed in alternative speech choices.

I am flabbergasted I need to explain this to people, but no, it is not the word “pussy,” it’s the word “grab.”  And that word is as dirty as they come.  It implies an impulsive thoughtlessness, the way you might grab something to eat instead of having a gourmet meal.  And it’s not something you do to another person after asking permission.  If your preferred line is “Mind if I grab your ass?”  I’m guessing you’re not getting very far. But thanks for asking.  That’s more than Trump did.

And I have a word or two for those from the right who denounce him by expressing outrage on behalf of their mothers and daughter.  Really?  How about outrage on the behalf of humanity?  The type of empathy that only kicks in when you can imagine injustice occurring to someone close to you is exactly what’s wrong with the conservative movement to begin with.

I assume the point of trying to label Trump’s horrible comments as locker room talk, despite the fact that he was nowhere near a locker room but in public with a camera pointed in his face, is to characterize it as all bluster.  Men Talk.  That doesn’t mean they Do.  That there is mounting evidence that Trump has Done plenty is being categorically dismissed, as women often are when they complain about men and their tiny grabby hands.

If this wasn’t bad enough, I’ve seen a new tactic circulate over the past few days.  Have you seen the memes?  Beyonce and Miley Cyrus are favorite targets, but there are pictures of any number of powerful ladies performing on stage grabbing their own crotches.  Now to be honest, I’ve always thought this to be a might unseemly, but no one has ever accused me of lady-like behavior, so whatever.  That’s quite beside the point.   These memes are apparently designed to get you to not vote for Hillary Clinton. Kidding.  They are designed to  justify the continued support of a man who has time and again proven himself to be a misogynist pig.  My apology to pigs.

Let me trace the lines for you because it may not be obvious at first.  The fact that these women, who will of course all be voting for Hillary, are willing to debase themselves in such a way proves that Trump is not really a bad guy after all because…ummm…because….well they have pussies…and they are-how dare they–having pussies in public!  Therefore…umm… Trump’s comments on the grabbability of such obvious pussyness is inevitable.  Plus the universe has already gone to hell in a hand basket, and this is clearly Hillary’s fault.

Ok, I might need some help here from those of you posting this meme.  I mean do you really not understand consent at all, or do you just think it is so unimportant that you’ll ignore it to keep a woman out of the White House?  How dare you? How dare you equate bodily autonomy with sexual assault?  And you wonder why Hillary calls you deplorables?

The only thing worse than Donald Trump is his supporters, and long after he fades away into oblivion, they will be left with their pathetic fragile angry white masculinity.  And I will be here with my pussy.  And I will defeat you with every breath I have.